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Safari Classic




Round Forearm


No Tip & Cap


Right Hand Shooter Configuration Only
For Sporter Styles Available Left Handed, Click Here


Available For All  99% "Press-Fit" Inlets

How to Determine Pricing:

Make a Wood Selection From Pricing List Below.


Note Any Additional Options or Accessories Desired.


Add Shipping Charges ($30 for first stock, $5 each additional)  & Sales Tax (CA Residents Only)


Standard Grade Walnut - Will have solid and consistent grain flow throughout the stock. $100.00

LAMINATED WOODS--These Laminates are Very Strong, Stable, and Attractive.  
Made of 1/16" stained Birch veneers.  23 Colors to Choose From! Click for photos!

Black / Grey  Laminate SALE!! $139.00 New! Improved "Royal Camouflage" Laminate (Olive, Rosewood, Smokey Black, Brown) $159.00
Brown / Brown Laminate SALE!! $129.00 Electric Blue Laminate (Electric Blue & Black) $159.00
Camouflage Laminate -  (Green, Brown, Black)  SALE!! $129.00 Imperial Laminate (Rosewood & Black) $159.00
Rosewood Laminate - A Rich Dark Burgundy color with Darker Highlights - Attractive!  $159.00 Patriot Laminate (Blues, Rosewood, Smokey Black) A Perfect Blend! Nice! $159.00
Tigerwood Laminate (Walnut & Maple color) $159.00 Apache Gold Laminate (Rich, Vibrant Colors with a Southwestern Flair--Yellow Gold, Orange, Burgundy, and Gemstone Violet) $159.00
Desert Sunset Laminate (Orange, Black, Rust) $159.00 Psychedelic Laminate (Vivid Pink, Electric Blue, Violet, and Rosewood) FLASHY! Nice Blend! $159.00
Black Widow Laminate (Vivid Red & Black) $159.00 Purple Sapphire Laminate (Rich Purple Hues & Black Accents) $159.00
Autumn Leaves Laminate / R. Jackaranda $159.00 Blue Coral Laminate $159.00
Wildfire Laminate $159.00
Irish Moss Laminate $159.00  


Rosewood Tip & Cap -- Installed at 45 degrees or 90 degrees with or without Maple Spacers $25.00
Ebony Tip & Cap -- Installed at 45 degrees or 90 degrees with or without Maple Spacers ....SALE $35.00
2-1/8" Wide Semi-Flat Oval Varmint Forearm $29.00
Additional Wood Behind Comb -- To allow for installation of steel buttplate -- Butt will have a 5-1/2" height $20.00


Pachmayr Recoil Pads installed for a 13-3/4" Overall Length of Pull

1/2" Rifle Butt Pad installed $39.00
1" Field Model Pad installed  $49.00
Presentation Pad installed -- Solid Rubber with Basket Weave Face $59.00
1" Decelerator-The Ultimate in recoil reduction, installed.  Available in Black Only $59.00
1" Uncle Mike's Sling Swivels installed.  Available in Blued Metal only. $29.00

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